The 6 best airports near Sanibel Flif Island plan a flight and must know the airports near the Sanibel Island in FL. We collected a list of the best airports! Book your flight in advance today! Did you know that 49% of Florida travelers come by plane? There is a good ability that you live on the other side of the United States or in another country. He will fly in Florida on the next vacation. Visiting Sanibel Island, you can also meet airports that are not without information about the best airports near Sanibel Island. Florida International Airport in southwestern Florida, at Southwestern Florida International Airport, at Supiti Fort Myers, is the island of Sanibel on Sanibel Island, near the region, near the region, 28 in 28 Sanibel Miles and also cheap Most in the area because it is an international airport. Many foreign tourists find it easier to come to Sanibel via Fort Myrossif rather than flying to Fort Myers, to Sanibel, some airlines flying there are United, Jetblue, Southwest, Delta, American and others coming to have some of them. Choose for an appointment in Sanibel, because Sanibel Island is about 40 minutes from Fort Myers airport from Fort Myers. A car service to take it to your hotel. According to the hotel where you can stay, you can take the transport service for about 55 US dollars for 65 US airports. Uu., Because this is a small airport about 47 miles from Sanibel Island. Some small airlines flying in the direction of this airport are Naples city airport in Sanibel, renting a car is also the best choice. However, you can also check that 3 Punta Gorda airports, you want to have a budget airport on Sanibel Island, airline with the price of Punta Gorda airport, this airport is 80 km north of Sanibel. And provide flights from different goals such as Ashville, Fort Wayne, Kansas City, Flint, Springfield, People and, in many better ways to visit Sanibel from Punta Gorda, rent a car. From Punta Gorda airport, he also has the opportunity to take care of the taxi for the Brade -brade de Sanibel4 Sarasota melody. Sarasota -bradenton International Airport is another airport operating in the region because this is an international airport. Aerial companies from companies flying from Sarasota, especially United, Delta, Air Canada, American, Westjet and Jetbluesing. This airport is 109 miles from Sanibel. West Palm Beach car rental is located on another coast in Florida, it is still only 149 miles from Sanibel Island