From the beginning of my head, it means definition: inappropriate; nature; Without accurate knowledge or no careful reflection, people often use this before listing some of their ideas for thought. People at the top will be easier to relax and the easiest way to find it is to find it. They are images that appear in the mind with this expression.
This language comes from American in the middle of -1900.
People generally said before sharing their initial reaction with something, an approximate estimate about 'a number or its first idea. A original example of this prayer could be found in the secret newspaper of Harold L. Icke in 1939: He was carefree and sometimes thinking about his head. For example, recharging in my dialogue, an older brother and sister trying to be a surprise for their 50th anniversary. Maria: It is difficult for parents to be surprised. I think it will not be possible to think of something unexpected for your birthday. Franco: This is not true! It will easily find some ideas.
Maria: Oh, yes? How? Franco: Well, from the beginning of my head, we can collect your sweetest moments in old videos. Or we can arrange a number of flash to tell your love story through dance. Or we can create a moment again when they meet for the first time. Maria: These sounds have a lot of work.
Franco: You have not said that ideas should be simple and surprising.
And as I said, these are just ideas from my beginning. If you give me a little more time, I can imagine better ideas and prepare more carefully. The second example shows that two university students discuss the number of points where the value of the final exam. % in our last test, or I will fail due to class. Alba: Are you sure? What is the value of the final test in the general assessment of the class? Lorenzo: I don't remember exactly, but at the top of my head, I will estimate about 25% of the total score. Additional ideas for a football team to improve. This extract comes from an article about providing work for Chicago. Write topic Recent publication Home | About | Resources | Scholarship | Advertising | Security | Contact instructions in style and Close