After that, you will find the numbering to call Portugal from the United States. You will find information on how to make international calls from the United States to the Portuguese line or a fixed mobile phone number. Ruf from Portugal of the US Court number to make a direct call in Portugal from the United States, must follow the following international numbering format. Numbering format is the same to indicate mobile Portugal or the world of the United States.
PO called Portugal in the US. UU., Ingredients: 011-351 -Code of the United States. Make an international call from the United States 351 - ISD code or Portugal's national code - there are 101 areas of Portugal. If there is a regional code to number the area code of the city in Portugal, call after preparing ISD code. If there is no regional code, please compose the recipient's phone number according to code to call the laptop number in Portugal from the US. The United States came to the United States. • 011 + 351 + 9 ????? The area of ​​Portugal to make an international call in Portugal from the United States. Find the code area 11 - 351 -253- Tel. # * Overlooking the quantity between parentheses while calling Braga from another country. The number between supports must be composed. Raha skin code (0) 262 resortimem paste (0) 282 Costro Green (0) -te --te --te --te --te --te -you as soon as the time difference between Portugal and United Explained for planning calls to avoid early calls.