Eddie Vedder wrote this after seeing a velvet jacket mobilized by a few hundred dollars very similar to the one in a used product store many years ago. He wore a jacket in MTV video award when he played "Rockin" in the free world with Neil Young. The coat he was wearing. I think I have received me for $ 12 and sold for $ 650. . They put this new character in a soap opera, so there was a more beautiful man in general. And the interesting thing is that this guy is Ricky Martin. “That he had a call he wanted to disappear. "I will lie to how Kurt Cobain Mobile is a line for its song. People try to be like Eddie buys similar clothes, especially a groove in a velvet with grooves, but people have spent very much A lot of money to buy a similar vest. No matter how much these factors are, they will never be like Eddie or feel what he feels. Kne met me before Pearl Jam fans waited for Wait to write signatures to get signatures and do things that hinder their daily lives so that these fans can say that they have met Pearl Jam, even if they never look at Pearl Jam if they stay in That will not have the song. I will only end as if I have started to "do" do "do" do "do" do "do" do "to do". No, do you want to die because of hunger instead of eating their souls, what others want for typically, "Eddie explained that, great, it seems rich and famous, however, they are those are the What is careful? He will like another significant amount. In addition, money can provide almost everything, except for what is calculated: love.
Another explanation: Vedder had a friend before Pearl Jam became famous. He chose Pearl Jam, and now regretted his decision and wanted him to change it. Finally, the murmur said that Vedder: I think you are a friend, but I think I hate you. "